MNR Electric’s skilled Edmonton electricians have extensive experience in restoration and specialized electrical projects under unique circumstances, having specific requirements for cleanliness or working around an establishment currently in operation.

Our specialized electrical projects experiences range from schools, residential homes and multi-dwelling residences to commercial buildings, malls, hotels, hospitals, schools and corporate offices. Tenants often need to upgrade their electrical to save on rent and maintain costs through efficient power usage.  Contact us today to learn more, we can help save you money on tenant improvements and electrical upgrades!

Multi-Family Residences
Multi-Family Residential Developments
school rendering
Schools, Universities, Colleges
Educational Building Construction
Hospital rendering
Hospitals, Medical, Dental
Health Related Developments
Choose MNR Electric’s friendly, skilled Edmonton Electricians for your next electrical project and choose to complete your project to code and on time.  Feel confident that our local and friendly Edmonton electricians are held to the highest standard of safety and exemplary workmanship.